Some of our clients include:


The Edge Group helps knowledge producers (consulting firms, think tanks, financial services, corporate marketing) adapt their content for a modern audience.

We empower our clients in delivering smarter newsletters, data-driven content, and revamped content strategies to better meet the changing needs of their audience.

The Internal Information Newsletter

Define the topic, we give your company an edge


9 projects for consulting firm covering topics ranging from blockchain, IoT, futurism and ethical concerns in technology, digital marketing, risks facing the consulting industry, globalization and more.


Solidify topical leadership with your audience


Build two standalone media brands off of an existing events series. Newsletter lists grew from 0 to 5000+ and achieve significantly above-average metrics.

Data-Driven Storytelling

Leverage NLP and data science to build stories.


For the 100th edition of an Edge white-labeled newsletter on the blockchain, we ran an NLP analysis on all email and linked article text over the newsletter's lifetime.


One-time and Retainer Engagements to develop newsletter, and broader content strategy


Helped a client streamline the entire process behind ten distinct external newsletters. Revamped signup process, transactional communications, and incorporation of consistent brand elements.

Custom Analytics and Reporting

Dive deeper into your email data


Connected a client's CRM data with their Email data, to develop an easy-to-use understanding of which priority targets were actively engaging with newsletter content.


It's not just a template; it's intelligent newsletter design

Newsletter template


Cultivate your Marketing Strategy through our Workshops and Presentations


Past workshops include:

  • “The 90 minute newsletter” - Working with a group to go from “idea to hitting send” in 90 minutes
  • “Intelligent” Content: Current state of AI and NLP related to marketing and content
  • B2B Knowledge in the Modern Era: How professional content is leveraging advances in technology, platform, and tone to better reach their target customers


Ranjan Roy
Ranjan Roy

Founder | CEO

Really loves great links. Also on a lifelong quest to build the perfect personal reading system.

Geoff Whiting
Geoff Whiting

Content Analyst

Still brags about using the phrase "Rumble in the Blockchain Jungle" in a newsletter.

Aleks Smechov

Content Analyst

Believes that algorithms can significantly help (but not supplant) storytelling.

Aleks Smechov
Stephanie Seputra

Marketing Analyst

One day will leverage her email superpowers to build a social enterprise back home in Indonesia.

Stephanie Seputra
Braden Mugg
Braden Mugg

Backend Lead Engineer

Has proven you can build the systems that power global content from the mountains of Colorado.

Matias Gallego
Matias Gallego

Mobile Lead Engineer

Would always take hybrid apps over native, except maybe when it comes to his new obsession, AR.

Konstantin Antonov

Data Analyst

He never met unstructured data he couldn't structure.

Konstantin Antonov
Richard Tang

Business Development

Has an unnatural love of the art of the cold email. Was also a champion fencer.

Richard Tang
Sava Stanovic
Sava Stanovic

Email Designer

Stopped taking any web design clients to only focus on email. We're glad he did.

Arne Uebel
Arne Uebel

Frontend Designer

Makes front-end development feel like an art form. Also once appeared in a Turkish rap video.

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  • White-labeled, Curated Newsletters
  • Machine learning driven curation delivers sharp, relevant content.
  • Sourced from internal publications, external articles, white-papers, posts, graphs, videos, even tweetstorms.
  • Intelligent subject matter delivered in a modern professional tone.
  • Keep your workforce in the know and ahead of the competition.
  • Continuous evaluation of key metrics and feedback maximizes your newsletter’s effectiveness.
  • Deliver our strategically curated content to your external audience, under your brand.
  • Create a true media product, not just a marketing one.
  • Become a topical habit for your readers.
  • Be the name associated with insights into your industry. Be relied upon.
  • Balance external content curation with proprietary content promotion.
  • We work side-by-side with clients to deliver as much heavy lifting as they require.


Contact List Engagement: A project to help a senior global executive regularly engage with their contact list with relevant industry news.

  • Draw insights from your existing content archive and knowledge base.
  • Compose data into coherent, engaging stories.
  • Whether you’re seeking to grow your newsletter audience or improve engagement, we’ll help you implement the right strategy.
  • Learn how to better incorporate transactional and automated newsletter content into your broader offerings
  • Training clients on how to integrate agile content creation processes into their marketing efforts.
  • Evaluate opportunities to incorporate AI and Machine Learning into content creation and analytics efforts
  • Look beyond simple open and click rates
  • Train clients to use existing platforms better
  • Create fully customized, regular reports
  • Quarterly and Yearly deep dives
  • Our user experience expertise combined with troves of analytical data allow us to leverage design to increase engagement, grow your audience, and establish your brand.
  • Design captivating landing pages, and other email related web design to complement your newsletter.
  • Half-day and Full-day workshops
  • Covering concepts from general B2B newsletter marketing and analytics and to understanding intelligent content.